The Chronicle

of a ColdFusion Expatriate

Switching With the Shelly 1

June 27, 2024

I’m a bit of a home automation hobbyist. I bought my first few Philips Hue lights before anyone knew what Hue was, and I wrote one of the first couple hundred Amazon Alexa integrations (they even gave me a t-shirt for it!)

My house isn’t as jammed with sensors and self-made IoT devices as some of the folks I’ve seen on YouTube, but I do run Home Assistant and appreciate the occasional well-designed automation. Almost all of the wall switches in my house are “smart” and “does it connect to Home Assistant” is now a question I ask about every new connected device I consider buying.

Recently I had a couple “problems” (we home automation nerds tend to see “minor inconveniences” as “major solvable problems”) and decided to solve them with Shelly relays. This is that story.

Go-Ing Local With Enphase

June 12, 2024

We have solar panels on the house, and their energy production is managed by an Enphase Envoy microinverter system. I love data, so I wanted to build my own dashboard of energy consumption and production, which took me down a rabbit hole of dealing with Enphase’s shitty API.

Since then, I discovered that the Envoy system does, in fact, serve its energy data locally, so this is my brief explanation of how I moved over to that approach instead.

Own Your Everything

November 9, 2023

As astute readers are aware, I’ve been on a host my own stuff kick for some time now. I brought my music local with Navidrome, I moved my remaining websites off of that-shape-named-service into static sites that I host myself, and I just moved from Samsung SmartThings to Home Assistant for all my home automation stuff.

A recent household budget discussion wandered into the territory of replacing our Spotify family plan, and my wife’s position on it revealed what I think is one of the crucial points about hosting your own systems: owning your stuff.

I Like Visual Studio Code and That's OK

October 16, 2023

This is absolutely an Emacs apologist blog, and I’m writing this post in Emacs right now. But I started at a new job recently and most of us use Visual Studio Code, and I know that’s considered a slur in many free software circles, but I’m here to tell you, “It’s OK.”

New Focus Sounds on MyNoise

June 10, 2023

Loyal readers of the blog know that I’m a really big fan of MyNoise, the ultimate immersive soundscape tool created and maintained by the one and only Dr. Ir. St├ęphane Pigeon. I use it when music gets too “demanding” or is creating a mood that distracts me from what I’m doing.

There have been some changes on MyNoise, and I created a few new unique soundscapes, and I want to share it all with you!